Welcome all tourists to visit the Angkor Wat of Cambodia! Travel with professional driver,safety

From our country and From other lands. We are a small group of Taxi drivers: Mr. Phally We operate Motor bikes, TukTuk, Cars, and Vans. We have valid driver’s licenses and insurance. We driver safely and are responsible. We speak English.

We welcome you to the country of your birth and we are happy to be your local driver, guide and assistant while you are in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We have lived in Siem Reap and provided these services for many years. We are committed to ensuring our clients’ safety and that they are well taken care of and treated fairly by our community.

We welcome all quests from Cambodia and from other countries. We hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you.

My prices are competitive and reasonable. Please contact me for a price quote for the itinerary you have in mind.

Whether you are looking to fill an hour, an afternoon or an entire day I can find you something suitable. It may seem a long way in a tuktuk but there is nothing better than crusing down the open roads out of town with the warm breeze on your face.

When you are in Siem Reap it would be my pleasure to be at your service.

I can also be contacted by phone or text message on +855 69 380 510 +855 012 51 61 03 +855  97 900 6563 at any time. If you would like to arrange a time for me to meet you before you travel to Siem Reap then why not send me a text message?

I check my email daily so feel free to drop me a line at phallytuktuk@gmail.com or phallydriver@gmail.com or contact

                               YOUR safety ... first and foremost!
               +855 012 51 61 03  phallytuktuk.7

Ready to discover the beauty behind Angkor Wat? Lets you interesting with us in Siem Reap

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen

We are Director of Foundation team driver at Siem Reap Cambodia Children's Orphanage Organization, providing a shelter for poor, homeless and orphaned children and support education in Siem Reap Province, Cambodia.

I would like to welcome you to the Team driver Cambodia Children's Orphanage Organization.

We hope you enjoy with our team driver we have thing to do we has make one association and we get from our team driver small money of profited to shaving only two dollar keep in box.

Our team location at Angkor Country side boutique hotel .The Eat from Siem Reap City 3 km by tuk tuk drive 15 minute. Thank we hope you enjoy with us .