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Siem Reap Markets

Old Market it's located at in theSiem Reap river bank , at the south end of the  French’s Quarter , Old market ( Khmer called PhsarChas ) and the old market area is must to see when you come to visit Siem Reap, Old market is the known as the most popular market, it’soffering the a great selection of souvenirs for taking back to your country andshare to your friends and family , during the day in to the early even alivewith the varieties like ; traditional Khmer handicraft , textile , statue andcurios , this market open from 7 -8 am up to 10 or 11 pm ( for souvenirs shops ), visit this if you think is not enough should heading up to the west northwalking distance about 5 to 10 minute there is other market known as Central market or New Market , it also offering you likely the same as the old market.


Ifyou are so busy in exploring at the temples have no chance to come to the oldmarket in the day time you don’t feel regret , since the number of touristskeep more and more increase , there are a few places of the settlers for makingyou easy to shop they have done good job with making the night Markets , The Angkor night market known as the firstever in Siem Reap , it’s located in the south of Sivatha Road about 150 m ,just next before that you will see the other night market called Noon night market or PM market , it almost joinedtogether , other night market that is so easy for you,  it called Siem Reap nightmarket it’s located in the south of Sivatha road you just get out from yourtransport then here you are , all those markets are open from 6 to 12 pm ( read more ) , if you just would like to see how the local lives activities you could come to the High Market or Phsa Leu Thom Thmei , this market which is very well known with the local consumption , if you walk there it seem like you are the only tourists there .

Prek Toal Lake
Prek Toal Lake
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