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Phnom Penh markets

Centre market ( Psar Thom Thmei )

The distinctive art-decostyling of the center market makes it stand out among the architecture of Phnom Penh . The centremarket was built in 1937 by Vann Molyvann . Today, most visitors to Phnom Penh tour thismarket where they could shop the souvenirs like ; clothes , jewelry, silverproductions , houses wares , flowers , and electronic so on .


Russian Market ( Psar Toul Tom Poung )

So-named because of theprevalence of items from Eastern Bloc in the past , the Russian market today isthe treasure trove for the tourists . Particular items worth seeking outinclude ; CD , fabric , jewelry , carved handicrafts and ceramic , there arealso the large number of the clothing outlets , on the side tailors andseamstresses can make alteration  quickly, The food and drinks stalls are a good place to take a refreshment breakbetween the bargaining ,The new century markets like Soryar market this very popular good food on the top roof , and others .
Prek Toal Lake
Prek Toal Lake
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