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Wood , Stone & Copper

 TheKhmer National handicraft made


Handicraft are an integralpart of national and international tourism . They can be a means of theenticing international travelers to visit the country . Cambodia had reserved it traditionof making handicraft since the ancient time . These handicraft are influence bythe Cambodian style and culture to make the wonderful souvenirs  .There are 5,183 Khmer national artisans .This is their career , and it provides them a means to earn a living .


Khmer Handicraft included:

Wood Handicraft

Wooden handicraft includedconstruction tools , sculpture , and other decoration items like Tablearmchair  floors , tiles and others


Stone Handicraft

Stone handicraft includedsculpture make of marble at Prey Kuk in Pursat and Kampot provinces . At BaTheay in Kompong Cham Province, local craftsmen produce mills , hand operated mills and sharpening stone .


Copper Handicraft

These have seen in Udongin Por Touch Village, Mok Kampul district in Kandal and Ta Keo Provinces . They produce includedPots , Bowls , Caskets , Bells and food bowls .

Silver and Gold Handicraft

Cambodians specialize inthis handicraft , They produce magnificent jewelry such as Bracelets ,  Necklaces , Diamond or Gem Ring , Silverhandicraft are founded all over the country , however the most specialize formare in Por Touch village , Kompong Luong commune Mok Kampul district , Kandalprovince .

Prek Toal Lake
Prek Toal Lake
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