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Cambodia money

Cambodian Money

Cambodia money for the traveler - what currency to carry in Cambodia

We have our own currency ;denominations call RIEL , but USD are widely accepted and able to makethe money exchange almost all over the country ( where the tourist’s site ) when you are on the tour you are highly recommended to carry some RIEL or USD , but for buying some things in the large amount should do in USD for example like Airport taxes and Sight seeing entrance fee hotel payment.... must be paid in USD .

Credit card use

Visa or Mastercard are accepted in many hotels and the larger souvenir shops but in few restaurants. You should carry enough Cambodia money (in fairly small denominations) to cover your immediate costs. Note also that American Express is not as widely accepted.

Travel budgetting

It is an in expensive place to vacation. Some example costs for day to day living: A roll of film costs from US$4 to 5, large bottle of spring water US$2, Angkor beer (excellent beer by the way) costs US$ 2.20 for a can and US$ 2.70 for a large bottle . Meals are roughly; Breakfast from US$ 1 to 3 , lunch from US$ 2 to 5 and dinner from US$2.5 to 7.

Banks and ATMs

Hours of operation are generally from 8 am until 3 pm week days. ATMs now operate in Siem Reap and Phnom Penh distributing US$ Most banks will exchange travelers cheque of most major currencies for withdrawal in US$. Generally commission is charged at 2%. Credit card cash withdrawals also incur a 2% charge.

Travel advice

Do carry plenty of US$1 notes: Most daily transactions are conducted incase and you should carry plenty of US$1 bills with you. A surprising number of things cost US$ 1; 2 flutes for US$1, 10 bracelet for US$1, 10 post cards for US$1 etc. Do not carry more that US$10,000 into or out of the country.

Exchange rates

Check your exchange rate for Cambodia money (US Dollars) through this real time currency exchange rate converter. For straightforward travel planning for Cambodia visit our Home Page or go straight to contact us
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