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Cambodia Travel Tips
Cambodia Travel Tips

+ We are highly recommended all travelers should purchase personal travel insurance during booking or on taking a tour.
Clothing tips & things
+ Lightweight and ventilated
+ Lightweight raincoat and plastic bag for camera in the raining season
+ Rubber soled shoes (vs leather) many stones laying on the ground  that you have to step on , temple’s steps are also very steep
+ Sun glasses, sun hat, sun lotion, cotton handkerchief - to mop that perspiration! Pack of moist baby wipes
+ Torch - useful for sunrise, sunset and trip around town after dark.
before starting your day trip should be check and pack water, film, sunscreen  camera battery etc.
+ Insect repellent especially for dawn and dusk outings
The local currency is "Riel" but US Dollar is widely used, in case you purchase something with a great amount. Riel is generally useful only small purchases.
Cheques are also available in Cambodia like in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Shihanouk ville, Battambang and Kompong Cham. the temple’s fees in Siem Reap we are highly recommended the visitors to carry US dollars.
plenty of US$ currency especially 1$ bills (many trinkets cost 1$; "two whistles for a dollar" etc.)
photocopy of your passport to keep separate somewhere

Airport Tax
International departure tax: USD 25
International departure tax for children (under 12 years old): USD 13
Domestic departure tax: US$ 6
Babies (under 2 years old): Free
Accesses by Airlines:
Phnom Penh International Airport
Siem Reap International Airport
+ Cambodian like asking some questions that are considered inappropriate in some cultures like questions are related to salary, position, name or personal information. In order to show respect to them, you should answer politely and keep your conversation going on
+ Asking or speaking with smile on face is the very polite behavior
+ Women should dress up politely like shirts or T-shirts that cover the shoulder and skirt should be below your knee. Long trousers and long sleeves are very suitable but please make sure that clothing is loose especially when you visit active Buddhist monasteries.
+ Cambodian feel happy to be on photo every time but you should ask them first especially for monks, and it is very good if you could send them photos as the way of exchange.
Body Language
+ Head is the holy part of body for Khmer people, so please do not touch the head of someone although they are younger than you
+ Feet is the lowest part of the body, so please do not use your feet in any case
+ Pointing toward some body whom you don’t know is very impolite especially monks and other people who are older than you
+ Receive something from monks or octogenarians must be accepted with two hands. + + Women are strongly forbidden to touch monks or sit closely to monks.
+ Do not touch someone‘s shoulders who age is older than you .
+ Help the local economy; purchase Cambodian-made products
+ Dispose of your rubbish appropriately and keep heritage sites clean
+ Prostitution and drugs are illegal 
+ pens, pencils, notebooks, sweets etc. for local children who being around
Prek Toal Lake
Prek Toal Lake
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